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An operating system (OS) is the software that controls everything on your computer. Imagine it as the computer's brain, sending signals to all hardware and software resources to do tasks. A computer must have an operating system in order to run programs and applications. Without one, your computer is worthless.

An operating system not only runs all your programs, but it also manages your resources, such as your processor and memory, to ensure the computer runs efficiently. Older operating systems can cause problems with efficiency, software compatibility and other issues. Ensure that your business runs smoothly by upgrading to the most modern operating system available.

CDW offers operating system software for PCs and Macs, including Windows client software, Windows network software, Mac software and Linux software. Get the licenses you need and deploy an updated operating system to your Mac or PC fleet by working with CDW.

It's hard to decide between types of software. CDW is here to help. Offering software from trusted brands such as Microsoft, Cisco and IBM, CDW sets you up with what your business requires. Oversee all aspects of your software licenses with software asset management solutions or ask software licensing questions.


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