POS Solutions

Retail customers now demand the most effortless and convenient shopping experiences possible. With so many retail options available to customers both on – and offline, it’s imperative that retailers meet this need for convenience and deliver on seamless retail experiences. Look to CDW’s point of sale solutions to streamline in-store operations and collect valuable customer data.

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POS Systems

When it comes to transforming in-store operations and delivering superior customer service, a point of sale system is critical to powering your retail business. Learn more about how the right POS system can power your business to streamline operations, reduce friction in the checkout process and increase sales.

Why Upgrade Your POS System with CDW?

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Better Analytics for a Better Customer Experience

Real-time access to data through a portable POS system means you can more meaningfully serve customers. With an advanced POS system, you can easily access previous purchase behaviors and customer demographic information to plan loyalty programs or targeted offers.

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Real-Time Data Means Better Business Decisions

Our advanced data solutions ensure you’re always aware of stock availability, peak hours and items frequently purchased together.

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State-of-the-Art Mobile POS Systems

With CDW’s mobile point of sale systems, you can bring transactions directly to customers, whether they’re at a table, in an aisle or in the field. mPOS systems also give sellers immediate access to product information, inventory and customer profiles.

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Protect Your Data and Your Customers

Protecting your customers’ personal information is now imperative to maintain their trust and grow your business. Our security experts can help you stay apprised of the latest data breach threats and craft a solution that meets PCI security standards.

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Build a POS Designed with Your Business in Mind

CDW experts have years of experience helping businesses of all sizes design, deploy and scale POS systems. With their advice, you can be confident that every component of your POS system fits together seamlessly and aligns with your business objectives. CDW and our team of partners offer services to make transitioning to a new point of sale system as painless as possible. 

POS Key Injection Services

Processing credit cards? Take advantage of our key injection service so your solution is ready to start securely processing payment upon arrival.

POS Installation Services

Let us help you with the rigorous job of installing your equipment. Our installation services will take the worry out of any project rollout.

Full POS Solution Procurement

Purchase the full solution, including hardware, software and all peripherals, from one easy portal. Plus, you’ll have access to the full suite of CDW solutions and services to ensure a solid infrastructure.

Credit Card Processing

Whether you’re accepting payments from credit or debit cards, gift cards or loyalty programs, we’ll provide you with the latest, most secure payment processing tools.