FireEye and CDW

World-class solutions built with frontline expertise, delivered by CDW.

About FireEye

FireEye blends world-renowned human expertise and nation-state-grade threat intelligence into security innovations dedicated to defending networks, email and devices. FireEye solutions offer comprehensive threat visibility and prioritized response guidance from Mandiant®.

End-to-End Protection

Get end-to-end protection with industry-leading Endpoint Security and Managed Defense frontline expertise.

Tales from the Trenches: Spearphishing Takeout

See how FireEye analysts hunted for threat actors and uncovered a previously unknown malware, DUOBEAN.

Secure Email Against Threats Others Miss

Block advanced threats – phishing, impersonation attacks and malicious URLs - from the first time they’re seen.

The Three Ts of an Email Attack: Tactics, Techniques, Targets

Attackers constantly adapt their approaches to get past email security defenses. Learn from trends and data distilled from 2.2+ billion emails.

Validate Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Align your cybersecurity program with your business.

Remove Assumptions. Prove Security.

Get the quantifiable evidence you need that controls safeguarding your critical assets are effective and remain that way.

Outmaneuver Attackers with Mandiant Services

FireEye is a top choice of organizations that need cyber incident response support and cybersecurity consulting services. 

Intelligence-led Cybersecurity Services

Neutralize and disable attackers with actionable threat prevention supported by Mandiant.

Expertise On Demand

Get expertise you need, when you need it with our prepaid, annual subscription that provides flexible access to FireEye’s industry-recognized security expertise and threat intelligence. Our flexible consumption model provides a unique option for extending your security operations.

Expertise on Demand

Expertise On Demand is an annual subscription that extends organizations’ security operations capabilities and capacity.

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