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Why You Need Sophos Intercept X with EDR

Many of today's EDR solutions are difficult to use, lack protection capabilities and are resource-intensive. Sophos Intercept X combines EDR with server and endpoint protection, giving organizations an easy way for your organization to answer the toughest security questions with confidence, detect unnoticed attacks and respond to security incidents.

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How to Stop the Most Advanced Attacks

With endpoint and server protection combined with EDR, the odds of stopping even the most modern, blended and targeted attacks increase exponentially.

Lighten Your Team's EDR Workload

With Intercept X preventing threats and performing tasks typically performed by skilled cybersecurity analysts, your security team can focus on IT business objectives rather than trying to chase down false positives and endless alerts. 

IT administrators get on-demand threat intelligence from Intercept X Advanced with EDR curated by SophosLabs, which receives and processes approximately 400,000 unique malware samples each day, plus other threat intelligence.

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Top 5 Reasons You Need EDR

Learn what to consider when evaluating EDR solutions.

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Intercept X Advanced with EDR

Intercept X consolidates unmatched protection and endpoint detection and response into a single solution.

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