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About Rubrik

Rubrik's enterprise-grade solutions help better manage and protect your data on-premises, at the edge and in the cloud. Achieve scalable recovery, cloud mobility and innovative capabilities such as ransomware detection, data classification and cloud-native backup and recovery.


Don’t wait to be attacked. Build a ransomware remediation plan with Rubrik.

Ransomware Remediation Plan for Cyber Resiliency

Learn what to look for in an effective ransomware remediation plan, to ensure you can quickly respond to a cyberattack without paying any ransom.

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Recover From Ransomware With Rubrik

See how Rubrik helped customers recover from ransomware attacks, with detailed processes and procedures for detecting, isolating and recovering data infected by ransomware.

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Rubrik for Ransomware

Minimize the damage of a ransomware attack with effective cybersecurity strategies and full visibility into infected, compromised data.

Backup Modernization

Deploy in minutes. Search anything. Recover anywhere. Rubrik offers a modern, flexible approach to backup for your data center and cloud.

Rubrik for Backup

Is there something strange happening in your data center? Get to the bottom of things with Rubrik backup and modernization solutions.

A Modern Approach to Backup and Recovery

Rubrik integrates data orchestration, catalog management and continuous data protection into a single software platform. Simplify recovery for your hybrid cloud environments and eliminate backup complexity so you can focus on what matters.

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Governance and Compliance For All Your Sensitive Data

With the steady migration of existing and new workloads to SaaS and cloud, the data center perimeter is fading fast. Learn how you can better protect your environment and data in an increasingly borderless world.

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Rubrik's Cloud Data Management Platform is designed to support and partner with industry-leading enterprise applications, operating systems, databases, hypervisors, clouds and SaaS applications.

Cisco and Rubrik

Deliver a single platform for data protection, search, analytics, compliance and self-service on Cisco UCS servers. Get near-zero recovery times and actionable insights into performance and compliance via custom reporting.

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AWS and Rubrik

Get backup, disaster recovery, replication, search, archival, analytics and copy data management on Amazon Web Services for your cloud native and hybrid cloud applications in a single, manageable platform.

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Microsoft and Rubrik

Manage your entire Microsoft stack on one platform. Rubrik delivers data management with consumer-grade simplicity and policy-driven intelligence across all your Microsoft apps, physical or virtualized.

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NetApp and Rubrik

Protect, automate and secure applications across data centers and clouds. Rubrik pairs easily with NetApp's hybrid multicloud infrastructure for faster, incremental backup.

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Rubrik has partnered with a wide range of institutions and industries to create comprehensive, effective backup and security solutions.

Rubrik for Financial Services

With growing customer demands, stringent regulations and ransomware threats, financial institutions rely on Rubrik to manage and keep data secure and accessible.

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Rubrik and Grove Bank

When Grove Bank went through Hurricane Irma, it wasn't concerned at all about the ability to recover, backup and get their system back online right away, thanks to Rubrik.

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Take the Pain Out of Recovery

Rubrik helps healthcare institutions with backup and recovery to build an effective ransomware remediation plan for quickly recovering and keeping patient data safe.

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Recover from Ransomware with Rubrik

Learn why the city of Durham chose to rely on Rubrik backup and security to protect its network, its data and its citizens.

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