Proofpoint and CDW

Together we protect your greatest asset and biggest risk: your people.

About Proofpoint

Proofpoint protects your people, data and brand against advanced threats and compliance risks. Built on the cloud and an advanced intelligence platform, Proofpoint's solutions help you effectively detect and block targeted attacks and respond quickly to suspected compromises.

The Proofpoint People-Centric Approach to Security

People are busy and distracted. Anyone can open the wrong email. Your employees are your greatest business asset and your weakest security and compliance link. Proofpoint builds defense that starts with them.

Protection Starts With People

Today's cyberattacks target people, not just technology. See who is being attacked, how and what you can to do to keep them safe.

Threat Protection

Stop threats before they reach your people and respond quickly when things go wrong. Proofpoint's innovative solutions prevent, detect and notify you of advanced threats in every channel — including email, the web, the cloud and social media — and help you resolve them before they cause lasting harm.

Threat Response Demo

Avoid alert fatigue with an automated platform investigating, prioritizing and verifying threats.

User Protection

Proofpoint Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness provides an added layer of security by testing and educating employees about the latest threat trends. Proofpoint's tools and methodology reduce the number of successful phishing attacks and malware infections by empowering your people to spot and report unsafe email. 

Information Protection and Compliance

Protect sensitive data and comply with ever-evolving regulations without the headaches and costs of legacy data protection tools. Collect, archive, supervise and monitor sensitive data in a compliant and legally defensible manner without the cost and hassle of traditional compliance tools.