Promethean and CDW

Transform learning spaces into collaborative and connective environments.

About Promethean

For more than 20 years, learning has fueled the technology innovation behind Promethean. At Promethean, the goal is to reimagine and reinvent technology solutions to transform all learning spaces into collaborative and connective environments.

Hybrid and Remote Learning with Promethean

Promethean ActivPanel Titanium and Nickel LCD Interactive Displays offers a natural writing experience using the highly accurate InGlass technology.

Experience the Elements of ActivPanel

Purposefully designed for the classroom, the Promethean ActivPanel continues Promethean's 20+ year tradition of developing purpose-built products that are designed by teachers, for teachers.

Promethean Resources

Experience The Elements Program

Promethean's program helps first time buyers save on their first ActivPanel Elements Series display.