Cyber security and resilience to protect email, data and users

Cyber Resilience Starts with Robust Email Security

Stop bad things from happening to good organizations with Mimecast, a leader in cyber threat intelligence. Extend comprehensive protection to your email, your data and your employees through a single, integrated cloud platform.

Your Greatest Email Security Challenges

Knowing what you're up against is half the battle. You need to understand the most pervasive types of email threats and how security professionals detect and combat them. Take actionable steps to protect and improve your organization’s email security. Gain valuable insights into email-based attacks, cyber resilience, business continuity, awareness training and cyber threat intelligence.

The State of Email Security Report 2019 (PDF)

Make Better Risk and Business Decisions

The Mimecast Threat center processed 207 billion emails between July through September of 2019 to identify emerging email security threats; its aim is to provide in-depth information about the nature of attack campaigns, to observe and anticipate the evolving nature of these threats, and to provide a set of recommendations to help guide cybersecurity practices. Get the full results of Mimecast's latest comprehensive cyber threat intelligence efforts.

Mimecast Threat Intelligence Report (PDF)

Don't Hope For Cyber Resilience, Plan For It

Many organizations are trading on-premises systems for cloud-based solutions, which means virtually limitless scalability, storage and accessibility. But ignoring the gaps that come with relying on a single vendor increases your risk profile and potential for an attack or unintended breach. With proper cyber resilience planning you can make the move to Office 365 with confidence.

Plan for Office 365 Gaps (PDF)

Mimecast and CDW

Mimecast and CDW together provide enterprise-grade email security and comprehensive strategies that defend your organization against evolving cyberattacks.

Proven Cybersecurity Expertise

CDW experts can help create strategies that proactively predict, guard against and respond to evolving attacks.

Lowered Costs

We can help reduce business expenses while keeping your IT environment productive and flexible.


Our managed services team can automate routine cybersecurity procedures for your IT staff.

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