Cyberattacks don’t stop at your email perimeter. Your security can’t either.

Mimecast’s Email Security 3.0 Strategy

Think beyond. Move from perimeter email security to pervasive email security. Your organization can no longer just rely on protecting what’s yours or your partners’. You must be cognizant of everything that lives in the cybersphere. Mimecast provides best-of-breed protection at your perimeter, inside your network and organization, and beyond your perimeter. 

Email Security 3.0 – A Comprehensive Email Security Strategy

The vast majority of cyber-attacks leverage email because it’s always on, carries links and attachments, and can be easily impersonated. Protecting email used to mean protecting the perimeter but gone are the days when that was enough. Download this eBook to better understand how the challenges of today’s cyber threats not only at your email perimeter, but inside and beyond your enterprise too.

Email Security 3.0 E-Book (PDF)

Mimecast State of Email Security 2021 Report

With the flip of a figurative switch, interaction and collaboration shifted to digital-only and companies had to scramble to adjust. Cybersecurity teams, many of which were already resource-poor, had new tools, systems, devices and locations to protect overnight.

Where most of the world saw a crisis, cybercriminals saw opportunity, a fact that is reflected by the level of attacks organizations experienced during this period.

Read Mimecast State of Email Security 2021 Report (PDF)

API Strategy Guide for Strengthening Your Security with Mimecast

We face a new digital risk reality. The pandemic accelerated digital transformation projects for organizations around the world and also led cybercriminals to pivot their attacks. Meanwhile, IT and security teams have raced to prepare employees for new ways of secure working under intense time and budget pressures. This strategy guide will explore how increased automation via open API integrations can increase the efficacy of security solutions and improve the efficiency of security teams.

Mimecast API Strategy Guide (PDF)

Mimecast and CDW

Mimecast and CDW together provide enterprise-grade email security and comprehensive strategies that defend your organization against evolving cyberattacks.

Proven Cybersecurity Expertise

CDW experts can help create strategies that proactively predict, guard against and respond to evolving attacks.

Lowered Costs

We can help reduce business expenses while keeping your IT environment productive and flexible.


Our managed services team can automate routine cybersecurity procedures for your IT staff.

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