EPOS empowers businesses around the world to better communicate and collaborate - anytime, anywhere and on any device.

EPOS Enterprise Solutions

Clear sound in any environment is important for doing business. With innovative voice enhancement technologies, EPOS allows you to hear and be heard perfectly, making it a lot easier to perform at work.

The Power of Audio

EPOS delivers high-end audio solutions designed for enterprise and gaming. Based on pioneering audio technology, EPOS strives to unleash human potential by perfecting audio experiences and delivering innovative design and performance with all their audio solutions.

Unified Communications Compatibility

EPOS's partnership with other technology-driven companies and vendors have a common goal: to simplify your daily business. Whether it is Microsoft Teams, Zoom, AWS or many others, EPOS technology is compatible with all major Unified Communications platforms.

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Bad Audio is Bad Business

How Does Remote Work Sound in Your Organization?

Is your organization properly equipped to collaborate across any work location? View the Infographic on Remote Work to find out.

Did you know?

95% of today’s modern workers admit that their concentration and efficiency at work has suffered due to sonic setbacks. Learn more in in the 2020 Understanding Sound Experiences Report.

About EPOS

EPOS has a deeply rooted passion for auditory experiences. With their enthusiastic, get-it-done attitude they aim to reach beyond the imaginary and are, therefore, constantly on the pursuit to improve and expand their product range. As pioneers within audio solutions, EPOS has defined a variety of objectives that they hold close to their core – such as authentic reliability and high-level professionalism. By being trailblazers within the industry, EPOS strives for a holistic, superior level of performance which delivers top-notch technology across all segments.

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Call 800.800.4239

For more information, contact your CDW Account Manager today.