Carbon Black and CDW

Transforming endpoint security with big data analytics

About Carbon Black

Carbon Black's endpoint security platform defends organizations of all sizes from modern-day attacks with its unique zero-gap protection – in the cloud or on premises.

Carbon Black next-generation antivirus solutions

Next-Generation Antivirus

Cb Defense is a lightweight, cloud-friendly agent that operates from a dynamic console to bring you integrated detection and response alerts. Stop attacks with innovative streaming prevention technology.

Enterprise AV Replacement

Enterprises need to invest in endpoint security platforms that are able to withstand the scalability demands and administrative requirements inherent to large organizations.

Threat Hunting

You need advanced tools to find and mitigate network threats. Carbon Black's threat hunting solutions deliver unfiltered visibility for security operations centers and incident response teams.

Carbon Black threat hunting solutions

Risk and Compliance

Reduce liability with IT audit and risk controls.  Inspect endpoints on demand and lock down compliance-mandated servers and critical systems with Carbon Black solutions.

Ransomware Protection

Carbon Black's advanced prevention solutions stop new and old ransomware variants by monitoring events related to ransomware outbreaks via powerful application control.

The Ransomware Roundup

Learn how to protect against ransomware and non-malware attacks with Cb Defense.