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About C2G

Founded in 1984 as Cables To Go, C2G provides end-to-end connectivity solutions serving a variety of markets. With over 7,000 connectivity solutions, C2G's offering of broadline products, market-specific solutions and customized connectivity is ready and quickly deployable to meet customer needs.

Expand Your Digital Reach

Learn how to extend the distance of an HDMI signal and decrease signal dropout.

C2G Adapters

Adapting one connector type to another is simple with C2G adapters. Digital, analog, audio, video, fiber optic and networking adapters let you stay connected regardless of the devices you are connecting.

C2G Networking Products

Find the best cable for your networking needs. 

C2G Cables

C2G Resources

VWM Vertical Wall Mounts

The VWM Series wall mount cabinets offer the most versatile solution for edge computing in a small form factor.

The Role of the Switch in a Data Center

Learn the role of a network switch within a data center.

Wireless A/V for HDMI Devices Kit

Always start a meeting or class on time with the Wireless A/V for HDMI Devices kit.