Experience Effortless Communications Collaboration with 8x8 X Series

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Transforming the Customer Experience with X Series

With customers and employees interacting in one system of engagement, 8x8 X Series cloud collaboration software makes it possible for enterprises to optimize intelligently for valuable moments. X Series Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) software accelerates your company’s ability to innovate, respond to and serve customers, resulting in an exceptional experience for both employees and customers.

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Engagement is: Connection, Context and Collaboration

Eliminate "I Don't Know" from the Resolution Process

X Series brings the history, complete context and internal experts together during the initial customer interaction. Customers no longer have to repeat information to you since employees have all the vital data you need within X Series. The end results are a faster time to resolution, a lower cost to businesses and a better overall experience for customers and employees.

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8x8 Virtual Contact Center

Learn how Blueair reached out to 8x8 and dramatically reduced both its call center costs and call wait times.

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